Factory360: building your 360-degree marketing approach

Factory360 exercises an integrated approach across all disciplines to develop successful marketing programs
The best Marketing does not feel like Marketing

At Factory360 we specialize in a result based driven & 360 degree approach of marketing. We believe that , just like in a factory, your marketing solutions & strategy needs to be constructed carefully, build up with attention, be innovative and structured to create a “product” that’s solid, tailored to your needs, does what it is made to do and amazes your target group. We will help you find your footing in the constant evolving & changing marketing opportunties & strategies and evolve how you connect with people in your target group. By being focused on understanding the world around us, and how people connect with it. It’s this curiosity that helps us see what’s next, letting our clients be the first to take advantage of the new opportunities that are emerging all around them. Adapting isn’t about staying in one place, it’s about moving forward. Let’s move together.


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Mirelly Martina

Senior Account Marketeer

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Account Manager Digital

Shima Jiminez

Account Manager Digital

Julinde Nunes

Account Manager Digital

Annet Kooistra

Managing Director

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